71st SIF National Congress

71st SIF National Congress

The Italian Society of Physiology

The Italian Society of Physiology

Milan (Online) • 7-9 September 2021

Milan (Online)
7-9 September 2021


Dear Colleagues,

The Local Organising Committee is pleased to welcome you to the 71st National Congress of The Italian Society of Physiology.

Due to the Covid pandemic, this event will be broadcast online using a virtual platform on 7, 8 and 9 September 2021. The organisation of the congress requires an innovative and challenging approach; nevertheless, we are convinced that this new modality also represents a new step towards the future.

This Virtual Congress will last 3 full afternoons and two mornings, during which the programme will follow the format envisaged for the in-presence congress. Main lectures, symposia, oral presentations, and poster sessions will be organised so as to guarantee full interaction between the audience, moderators, and speakers through voice/video contacts. A relevant point of the Congress will be the lecture on how cells sense and adapt to oxygen availability given by Prof. Gregg L. Semenza, 2019 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine.

The goal of the 71st SIF National Congress, jointly organised by physiologists from the University of Milano (UNIMI), the University of Milano-Bicocca (UNIMIB) and the University Vita-Salute San Raffaele (UNISR), is to encourage a multidisciplinary approach with topics spanning from molecules to the whole organism. Indeed, the true value of our Discipline is the ability to integrate various experimental results into a comprehensive and unitary understanding of life mechanisms; should we miss this unitary vision we would not be Physiologists.

Virtual tour of Milan
(video courtesy of Pino Meola)

Let us conclude by saying that we are very sorry that the current pandemic situation does not allow participants to travel to the host city. Thanks to its splendid museums, art galleries, theaters (not to mention La Scala), the Castello Sforzesco and the inimitable Duomo, Milan offers a unique glimpse not only to history and art lovers, but also to fashion addicts. Milan looks also towards the future, as witnessed by the new Porta Nuova district, with Piazza Gae Aulenti and the three new glass skyscrapers that contribute to the redesign of its skyline. For the time being, enjoy a virtual tour of the city in this video; we hope to welcome all of you to Milan in the forthcoming years

The Local Organisers

Certificates of attendance are available through your personal mySIF area (myDocs section).

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27 August 2021

Local Organisers

Andrea Barbuti
La Statale UNIMI

Mirko Baruscotti
La Statale UNIMI

Alberto Battezzati
La Statale UNIMI

Paolo Cavallari
La Statale UNIMI

Emiliano CĂ©
La Statale UNIMI

Fabio Esposito
La Statale UNIMI

Fabio Grohovaz
Vita e Salute UNISR

Roberto Maggi
La Statale UNIMI

Valerio Magnaghi
La Statale UNIMI

Marcello Massimini
La Statale UNIMI

Carla Perego
La Statale UNIMI

Ilaria Rivolta
Bicocca UNIMIB

Marcella Rocchetti
Bicocca UNIMIB

SIF Board of Directors

Fiorenzo Conti, President

Stefania Fulle, Secretary/Treasurer

Andrea d'Avella

Massimo Dal Monte

Franca Deriu

Anna Fassio

Daniela Puzzo

Giovanna Valenti